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Journal TheMysteriousFuture's Journal: From the Future: Sun Working to Obsolete Motherboards 2

Sun Working to Obsolete Motherboards Posted by CowboyNeal in The Mysterious Future!
from the look-ma-no-solder dept.
perl_camel_jockey writes "Sun is developing a new technology that promises to increase computing power by eliminating the need for physical, soldered chip-to-chip connections on the motherboard. Called 'proximity communications', it portends the ability for chips to talk to one another wirelessly just by being next to each other. Potential applications in computer design abound. Apparently this is part of Sun's Hero program, recipient of a $50 million grant from DARPA's High Productivity Computing Systems program to rejuvenate supercomputing in the US and regain the lead lost to Japan, in particular to NEC's Earth Simulator , ranked as the most powerful supercomputer in the world."
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From the Future: Sun Working to Obsolete Motherboards

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