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Ekaterina Jung on Leadership

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  • I agree, a truly excellent post.

    Couldna said it better myself. ;-)

    Though I think that many, many people would agree with it, too -- that would go a long way towards explaining how Bush's approval ratings continue to slide, but Kerry and Bush are still neck-and-neck in the polls.



  • I couldn't think of a better subject line. Maybe I will once I've written this. I didn't find it quite so insightful because it seemed limited to "liberal" vs "conservative" politics. But then again it does seem to muse mostly about how most people will vote in 2004, and unfortunately, the reality is that most people think in terms of "liberal", "moderate" and "conservative." (Even if the terms have been turned upsidedown in the last 30 years. Or even just 10 years.)

    Never mind that several studies have f

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