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"I can, but I won't"

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  • Jerk.
    • "I can, but I won't" - Slashdot
      "I can, but I won't" fustakrakich (1673220) writes | about half an hour ago. User Journal 0. bitch! bitch! Latest Tech Jobs. Powered by Dice Jobs. Oops! You do ..

      The bastards from SFGate took out Feinstein's (Pelosi's very evil twin) quote. Damn! I have to remember to save local copies of this stuff. This is a big problem with electronic "news". It's too easy to change the story. Everything is wikipedia, only much worse. If you

    • By the way, google still had it.. kind of:

      Asked to challenge Snowden's assertions that none of his revelations has resulted in harm to anyone, Feinstein said, "I can, but I won't.

      Shame I had to spoil this.

      • I hope that woman runs out of embalming fluid one day.
        • As a regular puppet, she's not really the problem. It's the submissive, gullible assholes who vote for her, and the other congress members that grant her so much clout.

          • I'm still looking for a substantial difference in the GOP. And they're. . .gearing up to pass Amnesty. . .getting ready to do shag-all on ObamaCare. . .and quietly applauding the Tea Party suppression.
            Looks like I picked the ronngg week to quit snorting Drano.
            • Amnesty is a good thing. Everybody has a right to live where they want. Denial of such is very un-Christian, anti-Christian in fact. The borders exist to increase the profitability of human trafficking and other contraband. Only organized criminals need borders and prohibition. Honest people do not. The planet is ruled by gangsters. And that is also why we don't have simple medicare for all. The overall cost/benefit ratio of ACA favors the the industry, as intended. On that d_r is very correct, and you are

              • Everybody has a right to live where they want.

                Really? Can you cite any of our founding documents in support of your idea?

                • Screw the documents! It's a natural right. What the hell is the matter with you? You're acting like some damn bureaucrat engaging in state worship.

                  • I'm deeply concerned with which "bureaucrats" manage the list of "natural rights". Whoever owns that list is a powerful bloke indeed.
                    • Not all natural rights are enumerated into law. It is plain and simple that nobody has any right to tell anyone where they can live and breath. Unfortunately the only real natural right is *might makes right*. So, what we need are very strong people to knock down the fences.

                    • the only real natural right is *might makes right*. So, what we need are very strong people to knock down the fences.

                      What specious piffle is this? You're going to play the *might makes right* card, and then expect non-tyrannical behavior? For crying out loud, man: the non-tyrannical behavior is born of a non-materialistic understanding that you can play a *might makes right* card here under the sun, but after the heart beats its last, you get to *answer* for your evil.
                      As ever, I'm amused by your insistence in a purely carnivorous worldview, matched with quaint talk of salad.

                    • Just telling you how things work. Again you're trying to assume it's what I advocate (also amusing that you insist such). I don't expect non-tyrannical behavior from the alphas at this stage in our evolution. You still merely react to your environment. How you generally react is driven by your conditioning and your DNA. What you believe spiritually is also driven by precisely the same. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's just how it is. You don't have to consciously accept it, but like it or not, you are

                    • "Just telling you how things work."
                      You're offering the as-is, carnivore architecture.
                      And then you're saying it's a closed loop.
                      And then you're saying "what we need are very strong people to knock down the fences".
                      And then I call your bluff.
                      And then you're some sort of external observer of this loop you contend is closed.
                      And then you're attempting to destroy your one real hope of escaping the closed loop, in favor of a to-be architecture.
                      I love you, you big H8er.
                    • We are in a closed loop, yet there is always hope that free will does exist and man will become human. You simply illustrate the former in your conditioned response and show nothing of the latter. But take no offense. I'm not singling you out. Your friends and your favorite sparring partner all exhibit the exact same natural traits, with minds shut like a bear trap.

                    • How can there be hope if the loop is truly closed? Surely you can see that your argument attempts to have it both ways?
                    • We really don't know, do we? Hence the hope. In the meantime, I just have to live with the known, provable facts.

                    • I disagree; we have to be clear about what is known and provable, and where we depart into realms that are perfectly "knowable", but designed to be ambiguous and unyielding to, say, mathematical proof.
                      Notions of right and wrong are not provable in any way that yields to a error-free human execution of them, much less a simple intellectual description to which all subscribe. But if you're so rudderless that you can't tell the difference between right and wrong, then I need to maintain a safety standoff dist
                    • My concept of right and wrong are every bit as valid as yours, and without carrying all your cosmik debris. I travel light.

                    • My concept of right and wrong are every bit as valid as yours

                      And your words are every bit as valid as BHO's, for example when he says "jobs" and figures 10k hires occur. Great Zappa reference, though.

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