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This Week in Conservatism

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  • s/liberals/politicians/ you schmuck. If you're going to paraphrase, so state. You wonder why you are not taken seriously, punk? DO YOU?
    • You are holding the current POTUS to a vastly higher standard than you have ever held any other politician to. The only reason you have ever provided for your hatred of him is the fact that he comes from the party that you love to hate. You did not at any point suggest that you would ever expect politicians from your party to be held accountable to this extralegal sense of "justice".
      • So you're going for the outright falsehood play, beginning with your JE quote, and following up here? When you lie like this, you grow tedious.
        • There is nothing false about what I quoted you as saying. You said you want the POTUS to prove innocence. Never have you demanded the same extralegal justice of anyone else.

          Of course, this was never really about justice, it was always about getting the evil democrat out of the office.

          For that matter, since you are advocating completely discarding the law, do you want to go ahead and throw Obama into Gitmo? After all, we use that facility to hold people indefinitely without regard for the rights t
    • s/liberals/politicians/ you schmuck.

      Really. I mean, I know that's what you wrote, but I also doubt you would include Reagan/Bush/Cruz/West/Palin/etc in that group. Many in that group are still alive, and there is no statue of limitations on the crimes they committed. And yet, not a peep for their prosecution, not one. Yeah, d_r misquoted, but it reflects more more closely to what you really want than what you yourself posted. In other words, the veneer is very thin, probably intentional, as it makes for goo

      • Yeah, d_r misquoted

        No, I did not misquote. Read his comment that I linked to. He specifically said that the Obama administration would need to prove [their own] innocence. He made absolutely no mention of any other politician ever being held to that standard.

        As much to the point, nobody in the American criminal justice system has ever had to prove innocence, that is not the way our system works. He is advocating for the justice system to be completely scrapped for his favorite witch hunt, apparently in the expectatio

        • The direct quote: Politics happen; politicians are all guilty until conclusively proven innocent + several decades.

          You DID misquote, not that I care, but I'm not falling for your bullshit either. And the fact is, if you want a position of authority, you should have to prove yourself worthy, and even the slightest suspicion of impropriety should be grounds for investigation and possible prosecution. That is what the Sword of Damocles is about, and it should hang over every seat of power, especially legislati

          • Thank you. While I may have a ton to learn, and do make any number of mistakes, I really do strive for accuracy, and honest admission of fault. If history's a guide, this will climax in a "my bad" from d_r.
            • I am not backtracking on this. You were specifically advocating for the justice system to be utterly disregarded to aid in your mission to end the Obama Administration early by any means possible. Furthermore not once have you ever suggested that someone from your party should ever face such an extralegal ending to their work. We know that when you used the word "politician" here in the context of extralegal treatment you were not in any way using it to mean all elected officials, but rather only those f
              • All right, so you're just trolling for effect. Or maybe you're just getting your Washington Post [] on. This is absolutely not to your credit. Are you melting down? I'm really not interested in seeing something horrific about you on the news.
                • Are you melting down? I'm really not interested in seeing something horrific about you on the news.

                  The sad thing is, you used to be better than this. Mind you, if freaking Rush Limbaugh goes to shit thanks to Obama's election, what I should I expect from mere mortals?
                  • Are you melting down? I'm really not interested in seeing something horrific about you on the news.

                    The sad thing is, you used to be better than this.

                    I'm glad to see someone else has noticed the change in smitty. He has been trying to suggest that the rest of the world has changed around him leaving him as the only sane one anywhere.

                  • Hell, for his money, I'll "go to shit" also. I'm not proud. The thing is to put on the best show possible and make the sponsors happy. Then again, it does appear he has a drug issue, and he is slipping, and so are his ratings. Is the Betty Ford Clinic still open? The Obama thing could be coincidental. Correlation/causation? I wouldn't know, don't really care. The power of the media is a sight to behold. It even affects those who think they are running it.

                    Smitty? He's just being trendy.. not really putting a

                  • I'm expressing serious concern about d_r's stability here, and you're attacking me for that? Seriously?
    • Heheh... Statute :-) Please don't let the typo distract you. I know how those things give you a chance to evade the subject :-)

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