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Journal zedmelon's Journal: Friends V 3

Hogwash McFly and I are the only people on /. who find this funny. Damit. update: Okay, someone with mod points finally found it.

And loucura! tickled my geeky funny bone yesterday when I read this.

anon*, untermensch, and Pluvius from the first few posts in this thread

This thread led me to befriend bfg9000 and CleverNickName, who's grabbed my attention before, but I don't remember what. I never realized he's Wil, either. Seems like a cool guy.

VisorGuy, a.k.a. PDA_Monkey. Gee, I feel bad, since it appears I pretty much caused it.

I'm wondering if he detests Quake as much as this would make it seem (yes, I still play it though it's no longer cool). It's not that I love the game so much that I'm wondering how he could hate it, but if he'd change his nick over my confusion...

He's quite open about being a Christian, so I suppose it's possible the violence in Quake is related to this. I'm hoping he just had been procrastinating what he already meant to do. I'd hate to think I spoiled what he considered a good name before I opened my yap. If someone showed me strong evidence that Hitler used the alias "zedmelon", I'd be seriously bummed.

Maybe I'm blowing all of this out of proportion; the conversation that's pestering my self-doubt happened in a discussion about Doom3 (semi-directly, at least), and he did transfer my spot in his friends list to the new account.

...but he hasn't answered my IM, either. :|

Update - 11:50 pm (8 hours later) different time zones and schedules sure can pile up the doubt. Everything's fine. ;)

I rarely use IM these days (probably should, since I work from home), but I left it on thinking he's reply in a while, and then forgot it was running. Glad I did; he was just detained all day, and I'd have remembered while I was trying to fall asleep (yes, I'm the kind of nerd who loses sleep over pissing off my friends).

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Friends V

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  • No, you're not the only ones, but I only get mod points when there are no interesting articles. ;)
  • At least someone found it funny, I was rather disappointed - though - that someone modded it up rather than using the mod-point on something more deserving.
    • Well, I can see the purist argument to that, and I agree. I try to be a "good moderator" and really seek out the good stuff, but lately it's been so difficult to find really deserving comments that I let points expire. When I find one, I usually feel dumb because the comment I left thirty seconds ago means I can't moderate the discussion any more.

      This week I was in a bit of a rush trying to get things done--actually cursed when I found the moderation boxes there--and trying to use them before they expir

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