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Journal zedmelon's Journal: Moderation IX 2


I've been really good at my "sparingly" approach to distractions (including /.) lately. At least I thought so. I stayed logged in for a few days and noticed in blinder's JE about Ep III that I have mod points again. I feel bad for letting so many points expire in the last couple-three months, so I'm going to try to get them all done in the next (insert timespan here).

I really liked this post for the humor value, but can't mod it because I've already posted in that JE.

I really don't care for the RIAA, but this is still a very good point. Insightful.

I've modded couple of trolling flamebaiters as interesting.

In the same discussion, very interesting and welcome to my friends list. Although I read his .sig as I clicked "moderate"...
Brain damaged primates don't walk upright. They moderate posts on Slashdot.
and couldn't completely stifle the resultant flinch. ;)

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Moderation IX

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