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Journal enigma48's Journal: Changing a losing game 1

I was on a nostalgia trip a few days back and ended up reading a few months worth of journals from 2001. Nothing really noteable except one phrase a good friend told me - always change a losing game.

Much like everyone else, I've gone through my rough patches. While the past 9 months could have been worse, there've been several 'opportunities' (I'll try being positive about them) for personal growth that I never did anything about.

A student of mine, someone in worse shape than I could ever imagine living through, gave me a tape by her favourite motivational speaker - Zig Zigler I think. The religious/morality message didn't sit all too well with me but there were a number of good messages there I needed to be reminded about.

Anywho, about 2 people will see this... but I have a question to ask 'both' of you.

Any ideas on hobbies/activities where you'd find happier/more positive people? (I'm definately not a downer around others, just trying to learn a few new behaviours and change some old ones)

I've somewhat settled on learning a martial art, maybe judo. (a different student suggested it would be the best 'for my personality'... after knowing me for about 6 hours)

I want to start changing this losing game I've got going. Ideas are appreciated.

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Changing a losing game

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  • there are a lot of kinds. i liked tai chi, i liked kenpo, i liked hap ki do.

    If you've got a positive outlook, like-minded people will find you, but it's slow, so getting yourself into places where there's incentive for having a positive mindset is a good idea... because you won't be the only one.

    Look around. See what your actual interests are. Cultivate a few friendships with the healthiest people you know- and ask them what they do for fun.

    I'll think about it and see what i can come up with.

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