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Journal quinto2000's Journal: Bonus. 11

Well, I just got my +1 bonus. Somehow this seems like a testimony more to my ability to karmawhore than to any real insight I'm able to provide. I'll admit, I'm usually insipid, have little of use to offer to most discussions, and have no qualms about making shit up when I don't know the real answer to a question.

Hey, I'm still better than 56ker. I'll try to use my bonus wisely, to give legitimacy to the time waster, flamebait, or troll, not to spread the mediocrity that characterizes most comments on Slashdot any further. I'll do my part to keep you amused, Slashdot. That is my pledge. You trust me because I have a +1, and I won't fail that trust.

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  • strange you accuse me of karmawhoring like it's some bad thing then admit to doing it yourself - hypocrite!
    • Not really. I accuse you of taking it too seriously. I'm being self-deprecating here. I have a sense of humor about it.

      Once you mature, you'll understand that there is a difference. I also don't claim to be perfect. Sometimes we are most loud about the faults we see in others because we fear them in ourselves.

      You're a really obnoxious karma whore, which annoys me every time I karma whore. I only do it for the novelty of seeing how a +1 bonus works. I won't work very hard now that I'm at 26 karma to increase it any.

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