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Journal ebbomega's Journal: Back once again with the Renegade Master...

Finally managed to get Moveable Type up and going.

This is the tentative location of my new blog, as I'm finding it more and more useful than this typical /. journal stuff.... I like having direct access to my files, thank you very much.

Is anybody gonna read it? Who the hell knows. If you've actually followed me here, I congratulate you... And apologize that I don't update this site nearly enough. Hopefully this new blog will get more attention, though.

It's shoddy right now: green-on-black in the true ebbomega.com fashion, no real amount of images to decorate, not a whole lot of deviation from the typical MT default settings. That may change. It may not. As it sits I'm using version 2.64, which is apparently obsolete but it's what I had when I started a lot of this stuff and seems to be relatively secure and bloat-free. I'll let you decide that.

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Back once again with the Renegade Master...

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