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Journal gerardrj's Journal: The war on terror

How will it end? There are three main potential outcomes:

1. The U.S manages through force, embargoes/boycotts, and coercion to make all other nations think the way we do and implements what we allow to pass for "democracy".

2. The U.S. spends years or decades fighting the "war" only to realize there is no way to win and gives up.

3. The other 95% of the world population gets tired of our bullying and declares war on the U.S. World: 6,416,735,872 US: 293,694,626.

"Terrorism" has been with us since the beginning of civilization as we know it. Terrorism has no fixed definition; like love it is in the eye of the beholder. The United States Military has policies and procedures for "low level urban combat", the definition for which matches the U.S. Justice Department's definition of terrorism.

The U.S. has proven with the "drug war" that you can not win a war when you are funding both sides, and this is just what is happening in the war or terrorism. The U.S. keeps sending money, weapons, technology and training to states who a decade later decide they've had enough and turn on us. We trained, funded and armed Osama. We funded, trained and armed Hussein. We funded, trained and armed a large number of entities who later turned on us.

On an even larger note, history has proven that no-one can inflict their will on the world or even a region for an extended period of time. It didn't work for the Mongrels, it didn't work for the Egyptions, it didn't work for the Romans, it didn't work for the British, it didn't work for the Nazis. Will it work for the U.S?

So, my open questions are these:
Given the dismal failures in the past to "rule the world", and the extreme minority that the U.S. population, how does the U.S. plan to spread it's views on a world that could exist quite nicely without us?
As the minority population, isn't forcing our views on the majority population diametrically opposed to the basic idea of democracy which is "majority rules"?

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The war on terror

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