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  • I would expect that it would only feed the "closet muslim" conspiracy theory...
    • Real deal with Bill MacNeil.

    • That's not the only thing Obama's in the closet about...

      Or, what do Rahm Emmanuel, Kal Penn, and Reggie Love all have in common?
      • Crypto Jews.

        • Anti-semite!
          • What? I hate Arabs?

          • From a source from the UN: "Two weeks ago was Israel's independence day, and the Israeli mission to the UN in New York invited diplomats and UN staff to celebrate.

            As a give-away, the mission gave out SodaStream kits - the settlement product that made somewhat of an uproar after Scarlett Johansson became the company's image.

            I find it difficult to believe: at an official ceremony, the mission gives out a product made in an illegal settlement to a crowd of UN staff, who are supposed to uphold international la

            • by kesuki ( 321456 )

              soda stream uses chemically altered sugar. []

              " It is manufactured by the selective chlorination of sucrose (table sugar), which substitutes three of the hydroxyl groups with chlorine."

              supposedly the chlorine doesn't detach as the substance doesn't break down in the digestive system. but they also said aspartame was good for you and it wasn't and i recall saccharine was used for a while until it started giving rats cancer.

              • Sucralose is Splenda, and it's in everything. It's no big deal, either, and is probably not as bad for you as high fructose corn syrup.

                gives out a product made in an illegal settlement -- OK, that's bullshit right there. For literally ALL OF HUMAN HISTORY land conquered in a war is owned by the victors. Israel didn't start the 6 day war, but they sure as hell won it.

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