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Journal Chacham's Journal: Chronicle: Car broke, riding bicycle. 6

The car has developed a problem. The back-left wheel is turned whether i want it to be or not, and it makes funny bumpy noises when i drive. There's also a metal thingy hanging down from around the wheel on the axle. Perhaps this has something to do with the acceleration problems. Add to this that i have not been employed for a couple years, and i cannot really afford to fix the car, no matter what the problem is. So, i borrowed my brother's bicycle, and found an old form of transportation.

Riding the bike is hard work. I'm out of shape, and even a few minutes of riding make me sweat profusely and hasten my breath. That ought to get better with practice, and i'd love to start riding long distances. Though, i seem to peddle in spurts, which is problematic. And then there's the seat problem, it's downright painful, so i stand most of the time, or sit over to one side. Perhaps a gel seat is in order.

Bike helmets seem to be a "Good Thing"(tm) and it is also in style. Though, finding one that fits might take some work. I've looked in the past, and found very tight fits that were uncomfortable.

This ought to help me save on gas too, and then there's the dream of canceling the car insurance.

I'm just happy this happened in the summer.

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Chronicle: Car broke, riding bicycle.

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  • Try to peddle constantly. Even when going downhill when there is no
    resistance. If you let your legs stop for any extended period of time
    they will get tired when its time to use them again, and it also lets
    lactic (going from memory there) acid build up in the muscles.
    Especially when you finish riding make sure you do a bit of a cool down
    for the same reason.

    Use the gears you were given. On hills, especially, drop into a lower
    gear if it becomes more difficult to push the pedals. Standing will kill
    you. Kee
  • Biking is a good way to get in shape, I believe. I had a pause in biking for a couple of years until I got a new bike just this summer. Not only does biking good to your health, but if you explore a little, you'll find places in your own neighborhood that you didn't know existed. You don't need to go far to find some of those places and it gives you a much broader view about the place you are actually living in. That is what I've done, and I truly recommend you to try the same.

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