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Journal jcr's Journal: Throwing in the towel on Facebook. 7

Last post to FB:

In the time since I created this Facebook account in 2006, I found a bunch of old friends, met many new ones, wasted a whole lot of time, had some arguments that never would have happened in real life, and been frequently annoyed by the business decisions FB has made.

This post will be my last. I will delete this account 48 hours from now. Those of you who want to keep in touch can reach me as always at, which I've had for at least a decade.

All's well that ends. I wish you all peace, love and happiness.

It feels like leaving high school. There are people there that I will always care about, some that I love, some that I barely know, some that I have no idea how I met in the first place or why they're in my FB friends list.

A very smart friend of mine is working on changing social media from a site and a vendor that sells the users' info to advertisers, into a protocol that would operate on a peer-to-peer basis, with strong security to ensure that what we write goes to those we wish, and no one else. I hope he succeeds, and I look forward to making a fair bit of cash shorting FB when the writing appears on the wall.

  I will thank my friends who worked on FB, and every user there who ever shared a heartwarming, interesting, inspiring, or even outrageous bit of information that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Congrats to all the FB millionaires and worker bees, I wish them all the best.

I'll still be NSResponder here on /., on StackOverflow and Twitter. The internet is still a lot bigger than Facebook, and I'll see you all around.

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Throwing in the towel on Facebook.

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  • Yeah /. has gone downhill and it doesn't help that many veteran users who actually post something other than nonsense are leaving. I'd say you'll be missed but /. seems to be degenerating pretty quickly. :-(

  • Please keep us updated on that. I never did the facebook thing, could see where it was going.

    • by jcr ( 53032 )

      When it gets out the door, you won't need me to tell you about it.


      • by lannocc ( 568669 )
        It seems a lot of people (self included) are exploring new options for decentralization and federation of the services we call social networking (profiles, messaging, commenting, media sharing, etc.). I'm excited to see the many possibilities that come next!

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