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Journal Bill Dog's Journal: there is no confusing; only ignorance 12

Regarding this subthread:

my sentiment boils down to:

Learn the language; don't be a lazy ass and whine about it.

If something's part of the language, but you're not familiar with it, that does not constitute it being "confusing".

Americans these days can't cognitively separate their perspective and the more general one. If I find something hard, then it just must be hard, right? I mean, a whole host of other people couldn't possibly have a completely different experience. That's unfathomable to today's human beings.

I've decided that I don't need to live in a big house. Therefore no one does. Therefore there's no moral problem with passing a law that forbids anyone from living in more than a 1032 sq ft abode (like mine). My experience must the universal one.

I should fucking market a line of t-shirts and baseball caps with "YMMV" with a red circle and slash over it. Because no one is capable of the concept donning on them anymore.

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there is no confusing; only ignorance

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  • If you were on my team, and I saw this in code review:

    if (C | D == A && B)

    I'd make you rewrite it as this:

    if ((C | D) == (A && B))

    Yes, I *know* the parens don't do anything. But it makes it simpler for Joe Justouttacollege, our Junior Dev, to understand it, and also Samir Naeeninijhad who barely speaks English but graduated from some third rate college in Hyderabad...

    Of course... this is why almost all software sucks ass.
    • You're qualified to be put in charge of anything?

      A dumbass like you in charge is why the software sucks bro.
    • by rk ( 6314 )

      Also, some languages have subtly different operator precedences, and in a house where many languages are used, it avoids confusion because not everyone is at the same level in every language.

      English and code don't compare on other grounds. One can communicate with metaphor and simile in English. Your options are less in code. You are not just communicating to the computer with your code, you are communicating with your fellow programmers. You have to draw a line somewhere, but being explicit is usually the

      • I agree that some languages can have subtly different operator precedences. But the basics should be learned.

        And complex boolean logic of the type that involves a bunch of different facets should probably be refactored. That is, I don't have a problem seeing:

        if (state == proposed || state == opened || state == active || state == resolved)

        but the following kind of thing is more worrisome:

        if (state == opened || status == foo && flag == bar || result == baz)

        I.e. that one example expression involving A

    • You're being purely arbitrary. I've heard all kinds of stupid recommendations like superfluous breaks in case statements and extraneous parens around a single statement controlled by a loop, and even swapping the order of operands in comparisons in case the equality operator is accidently typed. Unfortunately for people who think things like these are a good idea, the facts are:

      1) You cannot make a sound case for drawing the line at some point between all possible stupidisms to protect against dummies and d

  • In reviewing the security configs for a bunch of Red Hat and Solaris servers, I noticed that they had full desktop installs. When I asked the senior admin about it he said the junior admins couldn't manage the servers without a GUI. None of them had the experience to do command line based management via remote SSH. They couldn't even do remote X sessions. I about cried. These are people making $80,000+ annually and had multiple degrees and certifications.

    • Are you just being curmudgeonly or is there more surface area to attack with the GUI tools installed? Okay, just a little devil's advocacy there, but yeah, if you call yourself a UNIX admin, you shouldn't be ignorant of whole swaths of normal ways to do that job. Maybe like programmers who are only familiar with the if-else statement for conditional logic and are too lazy to adopt additionally the ternary operator for it. And then declare that usages of it is "too confusing".

      • by chill ( 34294 )

        The problem is, if it is installed it must be maintained. On servers, they have a tendency to ignore the browser, Java and flash installs and let the sit. Then, one day, some admin browses the web while logged in because it is convenient and gets owned thru a malicious ad or something because they didn't patch. We've had this happen a couple of times.

        We have regular patching metrics, with machines scanned weekly to ensure the software on them is kept up-to-date. Having a bunch of unmaintained crap on there

        • On servers, they have a tendency to ignore [keeping up with patches for certain GUI tools]

          If only things like that could be automated...

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