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Journal Wylfing's Journal: Once again the sucker 1

My wife showed me a Big Mac box with a code for Sony Connect on it. Supposedly you could get a free song. Oh, but you first have to download and install their software. Windows only. OK, so I boot to Win2K. I download the installer and run it. I fended off its attempts to possess my file associations and "organize" my music files for me. Then it launched Internet Explorer.

In a very short amount of time, say 0.75 seconds, the following happened: warning boxes popped up all over (because I have IE set at maximum restriction it decided to bitch me out for not letting it do what it wanted), then my screen flickered, and then the box crashed. F-bombs ahoy.

During the reboot, the disk scan showed tons of file errors in "Temporary Internet Files," which is usually empty because I don't allow IE to run. A quick virus scan of that location turned up...hooray, a virus! NOTE: A system scan performed yesterday showed no viruses; this is the first time IE has run on this box for probably nine months (last time was web development testing). Those morons at Sony auto-launched IE (bad move #1) and pointed it at web sites that automatically download and run unknown code (bad move #2). Every single person on that Sony development team should be made to line up next to the MSIE development team and all of them get a severe kick to the nards. Stoopid!

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Once again the sucker

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