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Journal thinkninja's Journal: workspaces

Switched from 1 row of 8 workspaces to 2 rows of 5. God bless you wnck-applet! Multiplexing -- whether it be on the terminal or the desktop -- is awesome. Simple as that.

I've started using multiple windows in a web browser again. Tabs are excellent but too many (>30) and it becomes a pain to manage them. This way I can have a maximised 'work' (supposedly) web browsing session on workspace 6 and news/shopping on workspace 1 (along with a tabbed gnome-terminal [screen sessions in each tab], tabbed gedit, and tabbed gaim -- what a ton of tabs!).

The metadata features (Spotlight) of OSX Tiger salvaged from BeOS sound pretty cool. I hope they make it into GNOME. The way it's going I have a feeling that the GNOME developers will consider such a feature "too difficult" for users to understand.

Ordered a Daring Fireball Tee (much-o spiffyness) after scrounging money off a friend. Having to borrow money always sucks, though :/

HDTV tracker was alive today but has died again :E
Just fucking leave it up already. I'm not the only person still getting these torrents.

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