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Journal thinkninja's Journal: But Windows is stable!

I've only been playing with this laptop for a few hours, and it may well have hardware problems that I don't know about, but it's crashed (not BSOD, just error messages and switching back to an 8-color palette), ooh, must have been 6 times while I was reinstalling software on it.

Yeah, but XP is stable </whine>

Conceivably, it could be an "XP home" only issue, and I'm sure that the 'leet' warezed version of XP pro is completely stable.

Cool, I got rewarded for my efforts with 2 bottles of Coke and a bottle of Vodka. Quite a nice gesture :)

I did cop out of installing Debian in the end. He admitted that neither of them would use it. Maybe if a worm slips past the Windows firewall they'll be prepared to switch.

I hope XP's firewall is permissive enough...the user-friendly dialog seemed to imply that it's now blocking everything except ICMP but who knows. If it isn't then I'm bound to get blamed.


Got wireless router/switch on Thursday :) Netgear 54mbps one with 4-port 100mbps switch and asdl modem. I hope it doesn't have the 'superman' backdoor, though :/

Had a bit of a 'blonde' week. One of my moments wa s wondering why I couldn't get to the router when ppp0 was up. Of course I eventually realised that /etc/ppp/ip-up starts my firewall...heh :/

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But Windows is stable!

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