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Journal zedmelon's Journal: Friends IV 2

  • VisorGuy (see here), for his clever reference to a geeky cult movie in his sig, "Hallo, My name is Inigo Montoya. You kill -9 my process. Prepare to die!" Congratulations on your five years, too.
  • bethanie, for her supportive words to both me and my friend Sam
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Friends IV

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  • I'm always happy to have more fans and you seem friend-worthy, too, so look for your name on my list soon.

    I must, however, admit that I sort of "borrowed" the phrase with the process reference, modified it to correct the spelling of Inigo Montoya's name and to make it a hair more geeky, and applied it as my sig.
    • ;)

      Ahhh, borrowed, stole, originated... they're all the same when it's the first time I've seen it. In any case, I like it. And thanks, btw.

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