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Journal MissTuxie's Journal: What to do with damn Suse? 1

I can't stand Suse in some aspects. I'm not a very experienced user, but I do have some clue as to what I should be looking for. Suse is great in that it hooks my printer up easily, has a great suite of KDE stuff to choose from, can connect to my webcam and has Yast, which is a blessing for people like me, who don't have the faintest idea of how to compile/install stuff. But Yast can only install its packages. If I want a new version of Firefox, I'll have to do it by hand. If I need some nifty little thing I've seen on Sourceforge, I'll have to ask my bf to help me install it. I wish there was an even friendlier distro I could use.
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What to do with damn Suse?

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  • by nazsco ( 695026 )
    every distro tries to came up with a solution on how to simplify things that consist in a more obscure program than the procedure it tries to simplify.

    slackware is the more user friendly because it at least gives you some steps and let you get dirty. Just by instaling it you lear about disk partitions, mount points and user logins.

    by instaling suse you learn that it has awesomes packages and some other marketing babling that you read in the a lá microsoft in-install-slide-show.

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