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Journal NanoGator's Journal: The Gripe Gripe Thread... 4

I have lots of silly little complaints in the world that really aren't worth dedicating a whole thread to. I just like to get them off my chest, out in the open, and blow off some steam. Feel free to add your own gripes. If something's niggling at you, heck just let it out.

I'll start:

I hate the way people take silly risks while they're driving just to shave a few precious seconds to their destination. I was driving down a street tonight, and somebody pulled out of a grocery store lot and made a left turn, causing them to cross 3 lanes of traffic. Fortunately, it wasnt that dangerous, traffic was light and I didn't have to slow down a whole lot. But I still feel like that risk was unnecesary. Make a right turn, and a couple of lefts at a stoplight. Do you lose a couple of minutes? Sure. Are you going to get T-boned that way? Not likely.

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The Gripe Gripe Thread...

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  • I had somebody call me stupid the other day because I said console games make more than PC games. I guess the argument they were trying to make was that PC Games sell more, unfortunately they didn't present that too well. "u r stupid, if Halo was released on PC it'd sell as much as RTCW > 1 mil units."

    It didn't bother me so much that he didn't look at how many copies a successful console game makes (like 5 million, last I checked), it bothered me the way he presented his argument.

    Why am I stupid exactly? Let's say my information is wrong, the right thing to do is say "I think you're incorrect, here's the info I have...". Calling me stupid is stupid. Heh.

    If somebody proves to me that I'm wrong, and is polite about it, I'll admit to it. Easy as that. My ego's not very dependent on being right all the time.

    • Not that you're stupid but rather why waste so much of your time dealing with it. I read the post and it's obviously troll bait. Offtopic and troll bait doesn't stay long for people who have higher set filters to read so there's no point in you wasting your time on it. You did make a concise and well thought out argument before that reply was made and it holds on it's own. So dude, don't worry. Be happy

      • Thanks, I appreciate it. :)

        That's why I created this thread so I could just bitch about it and move on. I don't think I put any more thought into it after I posted my gripe hehe.
      • That's an interesting point.

        I think that most /. readers would be wise to read the troll HowTo to see what kinds of methods the trolls use to get arguments going. I'm surprised at how sophisticated some of those methods are. I even tried one under a different user name. Very interesting.

        Most people probably get too riled up over disagreement, thus making it easy for trolls.

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