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Journal thinkninja's Journal: cleaning

Goddamn it. #BT have cleaned all the torrents I was getting off of their tracker. 84% (294mb) gone. Now at 300kb from edonkey going at 0kb/s.

Today is indeed a good day to die.

* * *

Spoke to sales girl from Nildram about DSL. I asked if they could test the line and tell me what services (if any) they could offer me come August. She said they'd have to wait for BT to enable the exchange. Yeah, because doing a line test now would be crazy. Whatever, she's only a sales girl, and sounded nice enough to me :p

Anyway, they're going to contact me when BT have completed the work and tell me just how shit my connection will be.

* * *

I get to try the new beta4 d-i next week :) I really hope getting Debian on to this Toshiba Satellite 1110 isn't too much of a chore. If it was for my own use I wouldn't care but it's for a friend who's sick of Windows spyware/virus/worms/trojans. The trouble is that neither he or his gf are geeks, or even vaguely technical, so I have to get everything (acpi, touchpad, winmodem) working as fast as possible. Plus I have to reinstall (actually, probably 'restore') XP home and OfficeXP. All for free. Being a doormat is great.

The trouble is (again) my connection. I don't want to be installing unstable on his laptop, really, but then I don't want to be downloading 400mb of testing either. I guess he'll have to like what he gets. I'm already downloading the d-i & openoffice (~180mb), neither of which I have a use for. Being a doormat is great.

My passive-aggressiveness may just kick in because I doubt they'll use Debian anyway. After all, Windows is "good enough" and his gf "needs" Word. The only thing that I see that they need XP for is running Encarta04. God, I don't even know what they're printer is and I won't have access to it when I'm installing. It's going to be a fucking pain. Going to have to setup no-ip and SSH, I think.

Come to think of it, I might have use for the d-i if I can find a cd-rom drive for my p2-233...

Also have someone else dropping off a Windows desktop that "the internet" doesn't work on :/

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