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Journal Hemos's Journal: Daddy, I want the Bible

So, Nate, (oostendo) for Christmas a couple years back, gave me a hardcover book that covers many of the single malt whiskey distilleries in Scotland and Ireland. It's a great little book, with good information about the distilleries, as well as some gorgeous pictures of the west country in Ireland, and Scottish Highlands. Bella, my 4 year old daughter found the book, and loves looking at the pictures.

The other night, during a massive thunderstorm, she got very scared of the thunder and lightning. In between her tears, she kept asking me to get her "The Bible". I brought her the NIV, thinking that would be sufficent. Nuh-uh.

She finally explained which book she meant - yes, you guessed it. My 4 year old's version of the Bible is the Handbook of Single Malt Whiskeys. She happily lasted through the rest of the thunderstorm, looking at the Bible. I'm not sure whether I'm proud or slightly disturbed.

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