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Journal mcgrew's Journal: Weird and amusing 3

I've been working harder since I retired than I did working. Maybe it's because it's something I want. I've spent the last week proofreading. I found that typos and other errors are far easier for me to find in a printed book than on a screen.

I finished yesterday, updated and uploaded the file and ordered a new copy. Still having writer's block with Mars, Ho! (which is only 20% done) I checked Amazon and Barnes to see if they had Nobots available. Not yet.

Fifteen years ago when I had the Springfield Fragfest I had a terrible plagiarism problem. Folks weren't just infringing my copyright, they were posting my own work under their name. Not a week would go by that I didn't have to issue a DMCA takedown notice to someone, usually a university (a different one each time) where a student was plagiarizing my work. So I googled for pages using Nobots in an infringing way.

I publish under the noncommercial GPL license. All I demand is that it's non-commercial and I get credit.

I ran across this German site. I was taken aback at first... DMCA doesn't apply to Germans. Then I realized they were displaying in a frame!

I don't see how it could harm me and do see how it might actually sell a book or two so I'm not going to hassle them.

I wish I'd learned German rather than Spanish.

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Weird and amusing

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  • sí se puede!

  • Since moving to Arizona 15 years ago, I wished I'd learned Spanish rather than German.

    Being here for that long, I've learned some in self-defense, though I read it MUCH better than I speak and hear it. Interestingly, I watched a movie last night with two people speaking Haitian Creole and I sort of followed what they were saying without a translation too, despite that being based much more on French than Spanish. They are pretty close relatives, though.

    • by mcgrew ( 92797 ) *

      I have used my Spanish in the past, I'm sure it would have been far more useful than German. I really used it working at Disney, even though you could probably get by just knowing what "Donde es el cuarto del bano" means there (that last n should have a squiggley mark over it).

      I haven't spoken it in decades, probably be unable to communicate if you dropped me in Acapulco.

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