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Journal Bruce Perens's Journal: is back 13

Some of you may remember my technology policy / technology news site The site is reactivated. It's intended to be a more mature, and hopefully more relevant, forum than Slashdot. No ACs, a special focus on technology policy and high technology outside of the conventional corporate model, but conventional tech news as well.

I'd really appreciate it if you'd create a login on the site and submit articles. Especially original work, which hasn't always been well recieved on Slashdot - they seem to prefer linking to other people's coverage. RDF and RSS are available at and, so you can keep track of articles from elsewhere.


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  • Sure Bruce, I remember the site! ;-)

    I'll renew my offer to create a logo for the site, if you like.
  • RSS / RDF busted? (Score:2, Informative)

    by mcgroarty ( 633843 )
    The RSS/RDF don't seem to contain any content.
  • Bruce, it seems like a nice enough site but it takes ages to load. What's going on?
    • It's coming in quickly here right now. Although all of the little image bits are cached at my site by now. Maybe the network at serverbeach? Tell me if it keeps up.



      • Seems a little better now, not sure what the original problem was. I was just trying to log in and change some settings, the pages were taking minutes to load.
  • I have ID 65, hopefully this site outgrows slashdot, then I'll be famous ;)
  • by Arker ( 91948 )
    I loved technocrat before, and mourned it's passing deeply. I'm really glad to see it come back.

    I do agree with the poster who mentioned privacy policies. I trust that since it's Bruce's site my info is safe, but as a matter of principle it would still be good to see that in writing.
  • The site loads a bit slowly for me. But maybe I found one of the reasons why: it looks like the web server uses the Apache usertrack module to track all users with cookies.

    A side effect of using mod_usertrack or anything that sends cookies to the browser is that it prevents caching from taking place (in caching proxies). I suggest disabling this module, unless it is really useful for you. This will allow a more efficient use of the browser caches and an even more efficient use of caching proxies like S

    • Well, usertrack is probably somewhat redundant because slash itself sends cookies, and Slash generates a different page for each logged-in user. I should try to make the usertrack cookie format the same as that of the slash cookie. But I don't see that caching would improve.

      Unless the cookie somehow effects images as well as HTML pages.


      • The cookie was also sent for all images. This is a "feature" of mod_usertrack, so that the webmaster can follow the trail of a user loading various objects (pages and images). But apparently this is not the case anymore. I suppose that you have disabled mod_usertrack for the moment. Thanks!

  • From what I see from the front page it does not seem a more relevant version of /., in fact it seems a less relevant copy. Will it grow in to a more specialized site?

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