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Journal BobPaul's Journal: Signature revision and other things I learned today

Those of you that read my journal regularly (and I'm talking to SimianOverlord especially) will be happy to know that I'm am no longer threatening my own death in the third person for forgetting to append my signature to messages I post. I've now forwarded the URI so I don't have to use the lengthy, origional OSDN.net URI and it actually fits as a signature now.

In the processes, I found out that signatures are applied globally. I'm not sure whether to be excited, as global features are pretty cool, or annoyed, as now when I become nostalgic and dig through old slashdot articles, I'll be reading people's current signatures, and no the origional ones they posted with.

In other news:
        I see I don't have any fans. That's probably to be expected. How do I become one's fan? Or foe even. I wouldn't turn down freak, either, really. I just want to know how...

Oh, and before I forget:
        Karma --> Good
        Bob/Paul --> Happy

Hey, don't blame me. You were the one with the curiosity and the mouse clicking and the reading junk. Now you know why my blog failed.

(and btw--wtf HTML will /. let me use to control text size? the paragraph above should be smaller, but I'm not allowed to post the font tag, and things like <p style="font-size : 7pt"> don't work. Anything? WTF?)

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Signature revision and other things I learned today

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