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Journal Austrian Anarchy's Journal: Was Slashdot down yesterday? 3

A bit of a strange day yesterday. I could not get any slashdot or sourceforge pages to load on my machine for most of the day. Everything seems fine now. Scrolled through the stories from yesterday and did not see any note of an outage and when I tweeted about it, one other person retweeted it. Did not have any trouble with any other sites at all. Strange.

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Was Slashdot down yesterday?

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  • From reports I saw, there was something wrong at savvis (I think /. must be hosted there?) where a link had serious problems. Pings had an 75-80% loss rate. It seemed too specific to be a DDoS. Apparently something was packet-storming that link, or a port just plain went bad. I'm still surprised it took all day to fix it. It was bad when I woke up, and still bad when I went to sleep. Other stuff there was down too, but apparently /. and SF were just the only well-known sites there.

    While it had been referre

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