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Journal spellraiser's Journal: 'Article text' AC comments 4

Sheez, the AC 'Article Text' troll strikes yet again. And with good results (comment at +5, Informative at the moment). What is it with moderators? Why on Earth would anyone bother to mod something up that they haven't read?

I am still a newbie here on slashdot, so I don't have moderation rights (and getting a little tired of waiting for them :P). But if I did, I would certainly only mod up stuff that I have actually read. Especially AC stuff, which is quite often troll stuff like this.

Oh well, back to bashing my head against the wall then I suppose ...

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'Article text' AC comments

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  • You could always try Meta Moderating, eventually it might get you some mod points (posting "insightful" or "interesting" comments helps too). Apparently Funny posts don't build positive karma :-( (WTF is up with that anyway??).Then again, I used to get mod points nearly every day, and when I stopped using them they dried up, I wonder why? Ahh the mysteries of Slashdot.
    • Well, I can't Meta Moderate either :P I'll just have to be patient. But I do agree that not awarding karma for Funny posts is rather ... weird.

      Funny posts are one of the best things about slashdot. I know quite a lot of people who routinely do a CRTL+F and put in 5,Funny when they are reading slashdot. So discouraging Funny posts is not the way to go in my opinion, although setting a cap on the Karma is very logical, and helps allieviate the Funny issue somewhat.

      It just means you have to post a few I/I/I

      • You sure you can't metamoderate yet? There used to be a bug that the link didn't appear, but if you dug around in the FAQ there was something on it.

        How long have you had your account?

        • Well, to be honest, I haven't had the account *that* long - I got it in February; can't recall the exact date.

          So since the newest 7,5% of all users don't get to metamoderate, I think it's more likely that I'm still in that mudhole than it being a bug.

          I'll just wait and see ... :P

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