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Journal Nidhogg's Journal: By this time tomorrow... 15

... is when the depression should set in.

Why you ask? Ah, gentle reader, you see it's like this.


Shit. This isn't happening.

And I'm drinking tomorrow night too. Well I'm going to try to. I told our bartender last week that I'll probably only be able to drink half as much as I normally would since my mug will probably be filling up with tears all night.


Two things make it worthwhile.

One, my wife turns the same age 12 days after thereby limiting my own personal Hell of being older than her to less than two weeks.

Two, it will eventually happen to all of YOU young whipper-snappers as well.

And oh how I will laugh...

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By this time tomorrow...

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  • this is madness! So far we've got you, sielwolf and myself having birthdays this week. sielwolf and myself on the same day no doubt.

    there are 3 other people, no wait, 4 other people in my company that have their birthdays this week, and two of them have releatives with birthdays this week, another on the 11th... strange.

    so do not fret, you have your twins to reassure and laugh at you at the same time... damn those Gemini twins!

    • Well then Happy Birthday to you and siel as well.

      damn those Gemini twins!

      Oh no no no. Obviously Geminis are the cool people. Evidence is on our side.
  • Em Emalb doesn't turn 30 until next year and I'm 34 in August. Don't know why, but it's flipping me out.

    In other news, I've told myself that I'll learn to surf before I'm 40. Hopefully I'll have more accomplished by then as well. :)

    HB, Nd

    • Em Emalb doesn't turn 30 until next year and I'm 34 in August.

      Like I said. Whipper-snappers. Yung'uns even! Damn you...

      In other news, I've told myself that I'll learn to surf before I'm 40. Hopefully I'll have more accomplished by then as well. :)

      It's not what you accomplish my friend. It's whether you enjoyed yourself on the way to the accomplishment or not.

      Hoo boy do I suck at old guy wisdom or what? OK enough of that.
    • i'm glad that my not being 30 until next year doesn't freak you out. that's really not my goal.

      hey nidhogg, you made it! you have progressed much further in this game than i have. i hope to make it that far myself some day. maybe i'll feel differently as i approach thirty, but right now i can tell you it's just a round number. we arbitrarily chose decades to mark people getting older. it doesn't have to be so. in hex you'll only be 28. don't think of oct, because you'll be 50 by that scale. it's s
  • damn your old!.... I mean... happy birthday wise one? ;-)

    I'm teasin ya.... at least you aren't old enough to be my father.... unless you were married by age 23..... maybe I should stop talking now.... ;-)
    • Hang on math of that magnitude takes a little... aw Hell i was! Dammit! 23 on the nose!

      And another one of those "wise one" cracks and we're gonna step.... out... damn I hate the Internet.
  • A little perspective:

    My Granddad just turned 83. That's old.

    In fact, he might call you a young whipper-snapper.
  • I am only twenty and I am already depressed. You fortysomethings are all talk and no depression.:)
    • Ah but we're depressed for different reasons. You'll understand mine in about 20 years.

      Oh wait.

      I'm not depressed. Just freaked out by a number.

      Ok you win.
  • Oh, it's only a 4 followed by a 0 after all ;-)
  • Spoon me up a helping of 40!

    Hubby will be having his 2nd kid just before his 42nd birthday. And he's still a hottie!

    Happy birthday and many happy returns!


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