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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Thoughts of an umbrella. 4

The sky became dark, the clouds seemed to cry
As droplets of water fell from the sky,
My walk to the shop, which had just then drawn nigh,
Now seemingly dashed, i let forth a sigh.

And then,
I was ready to now, go use the car,
And painfully done so, as it was not far,
Though i like rain, this time it did mar,
When refreshing activities, it effectively bars.

What's this?
In the closet of clothes, there be a stick,
With a hook on one end, and a button to click,
push it all forward, and give it a crick,
Spread out forward, what a nice trick!

Getting outside and fighting, with the upside-down cane,
For even the weather, can be made to refrain,
(Except for the puddles; blame the terrain.)
And so onto the walk, not wet from the rain.

Just enjoying the umbrella. I thought about it, and realized it's good its a simple device. Had i designed it, i probably would have added a drain. And let's not even think about Microsoft. Hmm... on second thought, perhaps, it is quite amusing. (How long would a reboot take anyway?)

Also, remembering that many times the umbrella should not be held directly above the user, rather, to the rain itself. This gives it a greater influence. And, i did make sure to buy a decent sized umbrella. First, it actually keeps me dry. Second, it can help others as well. Third, when not being used, it can be a fun walking stick. (Though, the shorter ones with the button, can be fun as well, but mostly with others around.)


Have you thanked your umbrella recently?

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Verbiage: Thoughts of an umbrella.

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