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Belgrade or Sebastapol?

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  • My Serbian wife gives that a thumb's up.

    She and my daughter were in Belgrade visiting her aged mother when Clinton started the bombing. She lives across the street from the opera house downtown, so most of the CNN pictures of the Belgrade bombing showed exactly where my wife and daughter were. It was a surreal moment for me, watching my own country trying to kill my family. They couldn't get out because of the no-fly zone and I tried to get over them to try to get them out overland, but that was also imp

    • She can read Cyrillic then, too. ;-) Well, probably. Everybody with Tito-educations, did they get this? The script was Latin, then.

      Pity about how Jugoslavic federation was destroyed by plutocratic opportunists and the American drug-empire.

      • I'm told that Tito wanted schools to teach both Latinate and Cyrillic, to keep the Croatians happy, but in practice it turned out to be one or the other.

        My wife was the daughter of academics and descendant from old royalists and Orthodox, so she learned the cyrillic, mainly.

        I'll tell you, Belgrade is one interesting place. That country has seen a lot of trouble, and there's a great deal of unhappiness and dissatisfaction, but through the eyes of someone like me who grew up in the US, it's a complex stew, a

  • ...postcards from bleeding edge sight seeing destinations

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