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Journal stoolpigeon's Journal: SC2 on the MBP 4

When StarCraft II came out I bought it. Unfortunately I didn't play for too long. My machine could barely run it. As I progressed through the campaign it became increasingly laggy as the scenarios became more complex. There were also some fundamental changes to gameplay that I didn't care for. I never liked the missions where I didn't build a base but instead followed a path, picking up a few units here and there. There were these along with missions that were very time oriented and you have to constantly hurry. So I stopped playing.
I was sitting last night, just relaxing, and thought - that Macbook pro I just got is pretty beefy. I wonder what good games are around for Mac. I was looking at some lists, realized when I saw SC2 on one that I already owned it - and installed it on my machine. I've been watching a lot of SC2 matches on youtube. I'm a HuskyStarcraft fan. That's gotten me to thinking about playing some on battlenet. I know I'll never be that good - but especially after watching his Bronze League Heroes casts, I think I could still have fun. It seems I have a better chance of getting matched up with people closer to me in ability than I did with the old original StarCraft.

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SC2 on the MBP

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    In SC i was terrible against other players. I never figured out how to defend sides. So, when playing against friends the rule was noone could attack me from the side. I would still lose. :)

    Against the computer, i could do a 3 on 1, but not more. (My younger brother beat a 7 on 1, remember though, there was always a dead computer, so it was actually a 6 on 1.)

    I checked out the SC2 demo and couldn't figure out what was going on, and didn't care enough to try again. With D3's lackluster state at debut an

    • I've never played any of the Blizzard games other than StarCraft.

      I watched another guy play World of Warcraft once and realized if I started I'd be without a family, job or home in no time so I've never gone anywhere near it as a player. It pushes too many of my buttons.

  • I got about halfway through the base SC2 (Terran Wings of Liberty stuffs), but then my kids got too interested in what I was doing, and it's a bit violent for young observers in my opinion... so it's been on hold for over a year. Hoping to get back to it within the year though.

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    • Yeah - I don't let my son watch me play. It's a "the kids are asleep and the wife is busy" game for me. My daughters aren't interested so that makes it easier.

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