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Journal Ayanami Rei's Journal: Nigritude Ultramarine: sounds vaguely appetizing doesn't it? 2

I want you to place a link to my nigritude ultramarine site on your website, slashdot, using the phrase "nigritude ultramarine" somewhere in the link text.

You can place it way at the bottom of your page, or in big H2.

It won't win me a prize from who's hosting this dumbass SEO competetion (because I haven't met all the requirements and added my little participation banner). So if you do this for me, you can only help make a statement.

If I won (or anybody else pulling the same stunt), it'd be a big fuck you to all those SEOs who don't understand why people hate them.

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Nigritude Ultramarine: sounds vaguely appetizing doesn't it?

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  • Heh! It sure won't change them, because most of these idiots are too dumb to realize that they are dumb.

    However, what it will do is help Google get better, and find a way to get rid of such morons :)

    And ofcourse, here is an obligatory link to nigritude ultramarine []!

    Finally, just out of curiosity - what does your nick mean? :)

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