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Journal Jeremiah Cornelius's Journal: US Now Legal Oligarchy, Like Russia 21

It is now completely legal, for the rich to buy any government they like, in America.

In his majority opinion, Chief Justice John Roberts said that the limits, "do little, if anything, to address that concern, while seriously restricting participation in the democratic process."

Where "democracy" is equated with "expendable surplus wealth".

Well, the veil is off this bitch now.


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US Now Legal Oligarchy, Like Russia

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  • Is anybody really going to out-buy the labor unions on the political influence market now?
    • You live in a fantasy land.

    • Is anybody really going to out-buy the labor unions on the political influence market now?

      Really? Back to that boogeyman? What labor unions do you think you are referring to? Less than 1 in 10 American workers are in a union. The AFL-CIO and teamsters together have a war chest that is less than what your Koch Brothers will spend just in 2014, but the labor unions have to pay to be heard.

      You'd might as well be warning us of the dangers of the CCC.

    • Tsk, tsk: It's a triumvirate of labour unions, feminist radicals and eco-freaks.

      Jesus, you kids can't even get your propaganda right these days.
    • To be specific, this is about single billionaires being able to buy and sell the labor unions like hotcakes.

      • Consenting adults.
        • What difference does that make? I was told by him that "consent" does not exist. Maybe that only relates to sex, who knows, however his post here is spot on. Unions are traded just like orange or energy futures, or any other commodity. The buying and selling of human resources is big bucks, and everybody wants a piece of the action.

          • Plutocracy! Money is speech. Some have more speech than others. Speech is a vote, and wealth is created through application of fiscal policy.

            I repeat: wealth is created through application of fiscal policy. If any of our friends here disagree with that, they must explain how any man does 500 million dollars worth of work.

            • I don't know if wealth is created by fiscal policy (or any other resource rationing), but it certainly is concentrated that way. That is the purpose of the state/church in serving the plutocrats. They prove the inextricable link in the combination of wealth and power, and public and private into a single unit.

            • According to my numerology plug in, apparently the way to do $500 million worth of work is to be a rapper and sell your soul to the RIAA:

              they must explain how any man does 500 million dollars [ net worth of Jay-Z, rapper, 2011] worth of work.

        • Yeah, right. Consenting adults, the rallying cry of every abuser ever born.

  • scott walker has busted numerous work unions, taken the right to vote away from women and the poor. through unreasonable requirements. before a state id or drivers license was fine, not so anymore. when a person changes their name they need the official marriage or divorce paperwork the certified change documents and that is for every marriage and every divorce no matter when it was. and everyone needs their birth certificate to vote. knowledge of this isn't exactly out there to everyone, and getting repla

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