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Journal drig's Journal: What to do about Iraq?

Okay, so Iraq is a mess. Everyone argues that we can't simply leave, and I agree. But, I don't agree that means we stay the (obviously broken) course. And, I don't believe that means we have to back the person who put us in this mess, the President. So, what is my solution? Well, here's something I don't think I've heard anyone suggest.

How about we rebuild Iraq?

Yes, yes, wacky solution. The next question is always "Okay, but how?" Here's how.

The role of Halliburton needs to be cut back greatly. This will be tough to do with the current regime in the White House, but if we vote the bums out we can do it. We keep only the managers and foremen. We get Halliburton to train Iraqis in how to maintain and rebuild roads, buildings, schools, etc. Then we pay the Iraqi people to rebuild their own nation. And, we have to pay them at least 10% better than they would have gotten previously. This will give the Iraqi people the pride in their own work that is absolutely essential to a stable country.

You hear a lot about how the US military and mercenaries are rebuilding Iraq. How they're building streets and hospitals and schools. You never hear about how the Iraqis, after decades of repression, are learning basic skills for maintaining their own country. The US may not be there after June, but Halliburton will have to if we don't allow the Iraqis to rebuild Iraq.

Next, we open schools for entrepreneurship. We teach them basic business skills, create low-interest loans for small businesses, and do everything we do in the US to encourage new businesses. When Iran has a horde of sharp-dressed rich business men right next door, it will have to reform. This is the foundation of a stable democracy in the mid-east.

People will ask how this will affect the US. Of course, actually completing the goal is pretty important to the US. And, not blowing $4billion a month, like we have been for over a year, will probably help. We will end up in competition with the mid-east, just like happened with the far east after world war two. But, like with the far east, this competition will make us stronger and all participants will succeed.

With the desert and general lack of any natural resources outside of oil, we can expect to see advancements that don't rely on natural resources, like we see in Japan and Korea. You don't need lumber or farming space to make televisions. I would predict, but please don't hold me to this, that the mid-east will succeed best in trading of both manufactured goods and non-physical goods like stocks.

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What to do about Iraq?

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