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You've just really got to love the kind of jerk. . .

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  • If so I love that when I treated your probable non sequitur as another unsupported hypothesis you then at that point decided you no longer wanted to ignore what I write. If not, then I'd love to know what jerk you are referring to.
  • He's just messin' with you a little. He doesn't mean anything by it. At least he didn't call you 'Spit shine Tommy'... ...

    Now go home and get your fuckin' shine box!

  • I've always thought you suffered from the moderate Republican delusion that you're better off trying to be friends with the wicked. For your reputation and all. And make ambiguous gestures that they could perceive as being on their side.

    Well you gotta do what you gotta do, but I've gotta say I'm *much* happier upon returning to /. with re-adjusted threshold settings on this system. Not only do I not see the comments of known trolls*, I don't even get notification that they've responded to my comments or

    • I normally find the back-and-forth kind of fun. It sharpens the arguments. They have also shown that more skepticism of the GOP elite is called for.
      The issue is that, past a certain threshold of baseless accusation (I "called for the murder" of a public official, I "plagiarized" The Onion, and, most recently, I "lied about the existence of my wife") there just isn't any interest in continuing the conversation. I guess if I Foe the creep, he "wins", or something. I can't even muster that interest.
      • I guess if I Foe the creep, he "wins", or something.

        At some point ya gotta stop caring about what other people think, esp. for certain select persons with whom too much time has passed and they've demonstrated for too long that if there's anything redeeming about them, they'll never show it here.

        I can't even muster that interest.

        And yet you write JE's about them. Only intelligent opposition can help you sharpen your arguments. And you can only trust the skepticism you've gained about your own side from th

      • Poor BD... His faith isn't strong enough to handle any challenge (Matthew 5.29 or 18.9?). Rg and pudge share the same trait, apparently to a lesser extent nowadays. There is a name for this condition, but it eludes me at this moment. This is how communities self destruct. Lock everybody out. and cuddle up with your "teddy bear". I think there's a Joan Crawford flick where she does that, by closing herself up in her private theater with a bottle and just sit and watch her old movies over and over. Maybe it w

      • So now I'm reduced to "creep" status for pointing out the obvious problems with what you actually write? I guess that makes me the happiest creep around. I wonder if I should write a JE tallying up the number of times you have written JEs about me, in case you take after our friend the fake conservative and decide to nuke most (or all) of your JEs.
  • If I have to get up, somebody's gonna cry.

Man will never fly. Space travel is merely a dream. All aspirin is alike.