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Journal linzeal's Journal: Ack, Mother is coming, look busy! 2

Well it is official my mom is coming out for 2 weeks this summer. She will be staying with me as while my 2 roomates are in Mexico and I don't even know where to hide the sundry list of things us Bachelors living together have accumulated that reveal the perpetual debauch we live in. It is going to be nice to have my mom around though and even though this is a tourist town and all she would have to do is call one of the three or four dozen hotels about to get a room I'm convinvced I'm old enough to have my mom stay at my place. Do any of you have expierence in this?

BTW, what do you think of this Flower Arrangement for Mother's day. I'm going to send her some books on victorian ghost towns as well, and when I finish my play on Victorian Ghost towns this summer (I hope as the Director of my college says no later than june for a fall production) I will put it up for all to see. :)

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Ack, Mother is coming, look busy!

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  • First thing's first: clean the washroom, thats the first place she'll look. Also, secondly, it doesn't matter how 'untidy' things are, if they are clean, then you're in the clear.

    Thats it, be yourself, she knows you and what bachelors are like, the rest will go smoothly, at least thats my experiance.

    • Heh, yeah you try explainging to the mold which is paying rent that you have to remove it with lysol and some elbow grease and see how it likes it, heh.

      Here is to hoping all goes well.

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