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Journal Marxist Hacker 42's Journal: What's your favorite JQuery suite? 5

Ok, I'm stretching a bit as a programmer in my current contract, because they're thrilled with the timeframe I've given. This contract is finally allowing me to learn MVC, which means *next* contract I'll be able to command a much higher rate.
However, using MVC on Microsoft tools means abandoning Ajax. I really need a good "Date/Time" control and a good cascading combobox. Anybody have any suggestions for an open source JQuery suite I should examine?

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What's your favorite JQuery suite?

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  • I didn't include it in the top because I'm also curious about projects that I'm not currently working on. But the problem I'm running into is: Must be MVC compatible, must be able to be used in Internet Exploder version 8 and above.

    It's that second that seems to be a killer. If you have a good suite I should check out for THAT, post it in this thread.

  • using MVC on Microsoft tools means abandoning Ajax

    I think you need to be more specific. We used ASP.NET MVC on our most recent major project at work, and while I'm just a junior guy there (grr!) so I didn't get much of a piece of it, I know they used plenty of AJAX in it.

    We use jQuery UI there which has a date picker but no time editor, and no automatic handling of cascading dropdowns. But we use the other goodies in that library. Works fine in "Exploder" 7 on. Just stay away from jQuery 2.x, which drop

    • I was trying to get Microsoft's AjaxControlToolkit to work (as it does have both the controls I need) only to find out, it simply doesn't.

      There's *got* to be an easier way of creating a combo box than a dynamically disappearing textbox. That's what I'm working on now.

      I've already replaced the timepicker with dropdown of times- good thing half hour resolution is plenty good enough for my purposes.

      • Microsoft's AjaxControlToolkit

        That's for ASP.NET WebForms, so it won't work in ASP.NET MVC. The two are vastly differently levels of abstraction and philosophies towards development of web applications. MVC doesn't have "controls", which connotes a fair amount of meaning as far as fitting into and working with the WebForms framework.

        There is no HTML 4/XHTML 1 DOM element that the browser renders as a combobox. The web has traditionally had much less GUI expressive power than the desktop, so expect to hav

        • I ended up solving my problem once I got JSON to work, by having the initial textbox for immediate entry, but when picking a job from a different dropdown, "Replacewith" ing the textbox with a dropdown full of associated data.

          For the Datetime controls, I did a date control (pop calendar) with a drop down list beside it populated with times to the nearest half hour, which is all the resolution they care about anyway.

          This morning I'm starting work, a week late, on the stored procedures for the associated repo

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