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Journal MrIrwin's Journal: The EU microsoft report 2

I just di an article submission to /. about the EU report on Microsoft (get it here) and it got rejected! I fumed a bit about thier narrowmindedness in not mentioning such an important documnet, only to find that the document was mentioned a few hours later.

Of course the real reason my submission was rejected was because thousands of other /.ers had allready submitted the same link. Unfortunately by the time I noticed there were allready hundreds of threads and there seemed little point in me adding another, yet I could see no thread that was pointing out something I wished to note.....so I am going to put it here were even less people will see it!

When I started reading the legalese at the start of the EU document I immediately cast my eye down to the page count.....300 pages! I nearly closed it there and then. Fortunately I read on, and was to be presently suprised by a document that started by describing the PC industry and market as a whole in a concise yet meticulously precise manner.

It then went on to analyse Microsofts monopolistic practices focusing on key points and with exceptional quotes; many of the EU's arguments are justified by direct quotes from Microsoft themsleves, a case of 'anything you say will be taken down and used against you in evidence'.

One of the great things abou the report is that it is the result of an enquiry by a commision that is unencumbered by all the legal tactics and technical motions that tend to swamp legally orientated investigations. It is just the facts and nothing but the facts.

But that is not why I am writing about it here. I want to mention it because it is fine example of how to write. Not for /., nor for a novel, but how to explain technical issues to ignorant management! It is also a useful resource to quote from and reference to. My little finger tells me that this document will become a noted reference point, and by levering both the style and the content it offers the possibility of converting technical rants and raves into persuasive professional documents that will get your views accepted outside of geek circles.

So put down that game pad and go read now!

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The EU microsoft report

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