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Journal enigma48's Journal: Geek Assistance Requested

Nothing too strenuous, mostly a call for vague comments/tips about an Apache problem I have.

A few months back I decided I wanted to launch a sort of Slashdot-esque news and resources for teachers website. Mostly just to scratch an itch of my own, I decided to use Slash.

I haven't touched Linux in a couple years now but got through the basic install in a few hours. First time failed, second install went better. In general, if the install fails at any point, you have to have a *good* grasp of things to even consider recovery (dependancy hell and slash appears to be very touchy) - I basically format and begin again.

Rather than do that again, I wouldn't mind a few offhand tips on what I could be facing here:

Slash installed itself as a virtual host (originally www.wme.ca:80 but I changed this to *:80) and I can get an initial page showing, but no graphics load nor do any website links work.

This is my first Apache install but I knew enough to check the docroots and everything seemed fine. The real pain is I can see error logs from slash and apache but no mentions about 404 errors, so I don't know what it is even trying (and failing) to do.

Any tips, suggestions, pointers to useful resources are appreciated. I'll be continuing my own troubleshooting but won't be able to look at this much for at least a week.

Assume I'm an idiot. I'd much rather swallow my ego than blow a month fixing a simple "first time admin" blunder.

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Geek Assistance Requested

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