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Journal Simple-Simmian's Journal: Prostate Cancer. My Foes list.

Well I am getting ready to go in and have my cancerous prostate removed on 04/30/04. Being 51 I figured it was the best choice. Radiation would make it impossible to remove later if I needed to do it my Doctor said. So it's comming out. I just hope it hasn't spread to any other part of my body. I just was floored when I heard it was cancerous. All I can tell you is if you are 40 start getting your PSA (prostate specfic antigen) levels checked. I am 51 and the usual onset of it is in men in their 70's. Timothy Leary died from prostate cancer as did Frank Zappa. I don't want to join them. I am glad I have very good health insurance. They have already spent over 3 grand and I haven't even been in the hospital yet.

If you are on my foes list you got there by being someone I would rather not read. Actually when I have had mod points or meta moderated I have given good moderations to 2 people on my foes list already. You got on the list for assholery in your commenting. I think I should be up front about that. I won't mod you down for being on my list. I just wont read you postings unless I have moderation. I read at -1 anyway.

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