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Journal smittyoneeach's Journal: So the employers formed a union? 10
I've always maintained that private sector unions are a matter of freedom of assembly, and I think a public sector union is tantamount to a mutiny.
The only problem I see here is if the affected employees were somehow unable to form their own company. At the point that the employees are serfs, then there is cause for complaint. Short of that, "consenting adults" and all.
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So the employers formed a union?

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  • As the capitalist pig that I am, I say you laissez faire capitalist pigs really suck. Like as a limited government type I'd say to the anarchists.

    And like I'd say to the animal rights wackos, what you're defending are not people. People were created in the image of God, people have souls, have innate rights, animals and corporations do not, and putting them on the same level is immoral.

    Our system of government was set up to protect individual persons' rights. When individuals group together to form organ

    • That's a little harsh. What about about the notion of having people start their own companies, if they feel so inclined? At the point where regulatory systems and lawfare make start-ups unworkable, then I say there is cause for griping.
      Short of that, it seems like we're just grousing about something akin to enlistment in the military.
      • Only works if every individual has all of the rights of a corporation. Human beings are second class citizens in the United States, and have been since 1873.

        • You can certainly form your own corporation(s) as desired.
          • Yep. But without marketing and advertising, they're pretty worthless. And you'll never buy a house that way (says the guy who is paying 3.72% on his mortgage, having missed the 2.5% window a couple of years ago because a 1099 job is not accepted as proof of income)

      • Well I agree with your take on unions at least.

        • If people are not at liberty to start their own competitive businesses, then we can quit calling our system capitalist. And if they are, the kids can get to work or cork it, though they seem to do neither.
    • ...human beings special place in the order of things.

      The epitome of arrogance. Got news for ya pal. You ain't special. Or maybe you are, just not the way you think you are.

      *Yes, I know you don't see this, echo chamber and all, but so what?

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