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Journal Istealmymusic's Journal: Audiogalaxy Closes Song Sending Hole

Well, it's the end of an era. Since May 2001, it was possible on Audiogalaxy to send songs you don't have to other users. This circumvented Audiogalaxy's blocked songs -- the universally-despised "search prohibited" -- and allowed users to download any song they please. Public for at least two months, this bug has been fixed.

Audiogalaxy's bug exists because when you send a song, it does not necessarily come from you. Being P2P, Audiogalaxy finds the most popular version -- even if it's not the version you have -- and queues it in the recipient's queue just as if it was a normal download. Now that Audiogalaxy closed the hole, their requirements on sending are a bit more strict:

  • Your satellite must be on
  • You must have the song in your shared directory

Still, for us serious about music sharing on Audiogalaxy, this is not a problem.

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Audiogalaxy Closes Song Sending Hole

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