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Journal jefu's Journal: spam 2

In a followup to the previous entry, I went to the web site listed and found this page where you can report "certain parties" that send out spam advertising their product. This page is great fun, it uses the standard kinds of javascript junk (unescape) to obfuscate a function (named, "o" so nicely) o which actually builds the page. Now why they need to do this escapes (so to speak) me, as it took all of about five minutes to write a bit of python that decodes the page. If you take the following (you'll need to replace the "_"s with spaces and watch the long quoted string in the second line) and use this function o in place of theirs, you'll easily see the text of their web page - it makes interesting reading.

Even more interesting, the decoded web page does not work in mozilla. Sigh.

b="a6=mDbFJfS|c&%iPY;!-3?R#Wq.rCgl+dyE 4wMU/j)Tz:"

def iii() :
_global g

def o(s) :
_ global g
_ res = ""
_ k=''
_ for n in range(len(s)) :
__ f=s[n]
__ e=b.find(f)
__ if e>-1 :
___ y=((e+1)%l-1)
___ if y ____ y+=l
___ k+=b[y-1]
__ else :
___ k+=f
_ g +=k

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