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Journal VTBassMatt's Journal: Why do we fight wars? 1

Why is that we have perpetually tried to come up with faster and more efficient methods for killing each other? I mean really... we share over 99% of our genetic sequence with monkeys, only the feces we lob at each other have nuclear warheads attached. This is not an "anti-Bush" or "anti-America" or "anti-anything" diatribe, just a RFC about what drives us little apes to want to blow other little apes up.

No one really reads my journal, so I guess I won't get any answers here.

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Why do we fight wars?

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  • Despite your decision to make me a foe, I am willing to offer you some insight. Personally, I think that governments behave both foolishly and childishly. They mess with things they know nothing about and put the lives of billions of people in their hands. I'm opposed to the use of nuclear weapons as well as the possession of such devices. I see no point in having them. Countries tend to think that having nukes will make them powerful. In the end, it makes them foolish for not recognizing the mistakes that

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