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Journal MoneyT's Journal: Computer Crash Showdown

Ok, so I've decided to create a showdown between my mac and my PC to see which one crashes more often. Here are the rules:

* All crashes however insignificant are reported, including application crashes. Information about the crashes will be posted, including any details on the causes or the frequency by which this has appeared elsewhere (if possible).

*A running total of Hard Crashes and Soft Crashes for each machine will be kept at the end of each entry.

* A hard crash is described as a crash which makes the whole machine unuseable (i.e. no Ctrl-Alt-Del response from windows, no quit response of other app response from OS X)

* A soft crash is any crash which is recoverable without a restart or logout.

*Known thirdparty issues which result in a soft crash in the third party software (such as the failings found in Max Payne 2) are not counted towards the total.

*If a reader can provide documentation that a crash is a third party issue and not a system issue, I will retract the crash from the count.

* Judgements on what constitutes a third party issue are arbitrary and determined by me and a concensus of other people whom I know.

* If possible, the conditions which produced the crash on one computer will be duplicated on the other to see if the problem exists on both. If so, both computers a given a crash point.

* In the interests of full disclosure, I am primarily a mac user, the PC was home built and both computers are left ON all day long (though are occasionaly suspended)

* Performance complaints will not be adressed here

* The rules and computers are subject to change, and will be reposted if they change.

The computers in question are as follows:

AMD XP 2000, GeForce 440, 512 RAM, CD-RW, Abit MB, Soundblaster Audigy

Powerbook G4 Nov '02 revesion, 1 gig Ram, 1 gig processor.

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