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Journal Chacham's Journal: Verbiage: Beta and Mod points 6

I was sneaking around slashdot before, and now the front-page and journals all sow up in the beta. Removing "beta." from the URL is of no help. It reminds me of Windows 8, which made me switch away from Windows and to the Mac. Perhaps, we are now entering the Third Age of slashdot.

I have 5 moderator points, and prefer to spend them in JEs. But, i can't seem to find the moderate button in the old interface. Wondering if it was the date of the JE, i started listing JEs, but most seem like advertisements and there do not seem to be too many with comments.

The more i use Slashdot, the more i dislike it.

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Verbiage: Beta and Mod points

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  • I've stopped using because they went to this big box look. Then my primary source for local news in my home town switched around and now not only is it impossible to find stuff or read much information, almost all articles go to an autoplay video about the story. I have to wait for it to load and then pause it before I can start reading the article.

    I'm pretty much down to the bbc site for news.

    • by Chacham ( 981 )

      Wow, that does look bad! It's like their moving from document presentation to a controlled media platform. That will either fail or spawn a real "Internet 2.0". Heh, let's go fork the Internet.

      I fixed the issue on my side: I deleted all slashdot cookies that had the "beta" in the name. I couldn't even reply with the beta. Moderation will now be coming to a JE near you.

      • by Chacham ( 981 )

        Still can't find the moderate button. The source has it, so maybe it's a hidden element.

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