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Journal Chacham's Journal: Question: Popular email program 4

A friend asked me how to change top-post/bottom-post in Thunderbird. He intentionally uses a strict white-listing ISP, so searching is difficult (and that is pretty much how he wants it). That ISP offers excellent service and support to those who want exactly that type of service. Nonetheless, the time comes when you have to ask someone else to find something out for you. A simple search finds the answer. Easy enough.

He responded:

Thank you! Whats the best email program to install? Nothing against Thunderbird but I heard that its not so popular. I once went to a Microcenter to transfer my emails to a different comp. They said that they have no experirence with it!

Popularity (and possibly good sense) aside, he simply wants a popular email program, one that he can go into a place like Microcenter and get support.

Personally, i use GMail. I would recommend that to him, but, it can be hard to allow only one of Google's services.

Any recommendation?

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Question: Popular email program

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