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Journal rgammon_real's Journal: Click and Clack return

Click and clack are back!

My favorite comments include:

  • This one, which is a great summary of some of the cool things we've been doing.
  • Someone is interested in seeing Rhapsody on unix
  • Independant confirmation that the new player is well-behaved here, here, here, here, here, among other places.
  • This comment made me laugh :)

In HelixPlayer news:

  • Someone likes HelixPlayer
  • Someone tried out the HelixPlayer on RH7.2, and had problems with an old version of gtk. For the record, HelixPlayer requires gtk2.2 and above. We've had that in the release notes since MS1, but perhaps we need to have that more prominently displayed somewhere. I'm using debian/unstable for development, myself. Other developers are using SuSE, RH9, etc. RH7.2 is getting a little old.
  • Another good word for the HelixPlayer

In other news, I now have a "freak" (in slashdot-terminology wise)... spinlocked :(

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Click and Clack return

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