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Journal Austrian Anarchy's Journal: Kicking around ideas for first video

More details about making the first video for this car project over here. The basics are going over the car I am restoring and details about that make/model/package. One decision I made since that post was putting mistakes I made in the first restoration phase into a different video. Otherwise, I just have some ideas floating around and no script, no outline.

Part of what attracts me to the idea of making it a series, perhaps with crowd funding, is that I am coming at this project from the consumer side of the equation. Nobody is sponsoring me, everybody I've spoken to is purely in the vendor category and I might become their customer as I save money to spend on this project.

Another aspect that draws me to making this a public project is the technology end of things. Carburetion, for example, I went from being all on board for Multi-Port Fuel Injection a few years ago to now being firmly in the traditional carburetor corner. This change did not come at a whim, it came from research and looking at my project as a consumer. One is trying to get an optimal fuel/air mixture into a cylinder and make it ready to explode at just the right time. Consumer Steve really could spend the extra $1,000 difference between carbs and fuel injection on a different part of the project, or send clothes to hurricane victims.

The downside of crowd funding is drawing the crowd. I am not Jay Leno, Adam Carolla, or even Henry Cho. I don't have a crowd yet, I don't think I am funny or all that entertaining on my own, and how people grow crowds seems like a mystery to me. Splitting the project, and funding attempts, into sections seems logical. Like "Bucking The Man by recycling an engine and transmission," for the drive train portion of the project. My car has the original factory installed drive train which needs some dear attention, especially in the leak department. Small manufacturers across America have parts to fix everything that needs to be fixed and I plan on using them. Even Big Detroit made better parts later that are sitting in wrecked cars all over the place just waiting to be picked. Something I leaned right away, big companies do not have the advantage in this area and MOPAR Performance proved that to everybody, without any help. Their modern parts could have been on the shelf at parts stores right between Edelbrock and Pro-Comp. The ONLY reason they are not is because they set the parts seller/distributor margins too low.

Another show could be all about protecting and restoring metal. In my car, there might be a good 2,000 lbs. of metal in the body and it is a shame to watch that rust away. Replacement body panels, even certified replacements, leave much to be desired. Preserving the originals is the preferred way, but what if you are not a good welder? I plan on using a product featured on Jay Leno's Garage and introduced by the Skinned Knuckles magazine publisher Neil Maken for filling metal with more metal without welding and showing people where to use it, and more importantly, where NOT to use it. Another product I saw on Capone Auto's YouTube page is great for reducing rust and keeping rust away for a few days as you get that section protected. That one is going to come in handy for one of my BIG mess-ups on the roof. I used a great product in the wrong place about six years ago, now I need to fix it.

So that is the idea. Now to get down to work.
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Kicking around ideas for first video

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