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Journal Maint_Pgmr_3's Journal: Enter At Your Own Risk

It always makes me wonder why people think that the stock markets are only for making money?
A Class action lawsuit states that the company issued a "series of materially false and misleading financial statements" that inflated the stock price. Then the company said "it would delay filing its annual report and further disclosed that it may have to restate results for a second time in six months."
Second time in six months, wonder what that means??
Geesh, you don't do your homework people? Or are you watching too much TV and buying what the anal-ist tell you to buy? (by the time you hear it on TV, its too late folks)
The major complaint is the price went from 6.88 to 5.24 after the anouncement. I bought in at 7.75 and I'm not complaining, I bought it while it was going down. I hope the price drops more so I can pick it up on the cheap. As I did with Amazon when a similar lawsuit was filed, rode that one up to $50.
Or am I just crazy?
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Enter At Your Own Risk

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